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Welcome to Hebei Fu Yang Pump Co., Ltd., the company produces a variety of pumps and pump parts into a machine, one from the set, tailor-made for you, look forward to any questions you inquire: 13931219709.

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1. There are no holidays throughout the year, as long as you need our services.
2. Provide on-site installation services according to customer needs.
3. Product quality problems, free replacement within seven days.
4. To enable users to encounter any installation problems, 24-hour service hotline: 13931219709

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河北福阳泵业有限公司 Hebei Fuyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pump company that integrates scientific research, design, and manufacture of slurry pumps, grit pumps, filter press feed pumps, and slurry pump accessories. The high-quality representative products produced include: AH, HH, ZGB, ZJ, ZJL, SP and other series of slurry pumps, S (SH), D (DG), HW, ISG and other series of clean water pumps, ZA, CZ, FY, IH , AY and other series of chemical pumps, QW, PW, ZW, UHB and other series of impurity pumps, a total of 23 series, more than 300 varieties, nearly 1,000 specifications. For many years, Fuyang Pump Industry has continuously improved the product quality assurance system, strengthened quality supervision, quality inspection and quality control to ensure the quality level of products and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. With strong technical force, complete testing methods, reliable product quality and perfect service, the company provides a large number of pump equipment for various industries in the national economy. The products are widely used in environmental protection projects, sewage treatment, urban factory water supply and drainage, various water conservancy projects, Metallurgy, mining ...

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Points to note about slurry pump operation
The main purpose of the slurry pump is to transport slurry in the production of industrial sectors, such as metallurgy, electricity, coal ...

砂砾泵知识 More >> Grit pump knowledge

Introduction of Grit Pump
Grit pump is mainly used for strong abrasion that can not be transported by general slurry pump due to too large particles ...

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About filter press feed pump
The filter pump feed pump is widely used in petroleum, chemical, starch pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, oil ...

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