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Welcome to Hebei Fu Yang Pump Co., Ltd., the company produces a variety of pumps and pump parts into a machine, one from the set, tailor-made for you, look forward to any questions you inquire: 13931219709.

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Horizontal slurry pumps
Vertical submerged slurry pump
Submersible slurry pump
Single shell slurry pump
Slurry pump flow accessories
Sand pump
Sand pump
Filter press feed pump
Desulfurization pump
Foam pump
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Hebei Fuyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Wang

Mobile: 13931219709

Phone: 0312-3427818

Fax: 0312-3421668

QQ: 357577440

Address: Anguo Industrial Park, Hebei Province

Postcode: 071200