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Precautions for use of grit pump

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When the grit pump is in use, regularly check the oil cup on the pressure relief cap, and timely fill the filling box with calcium-sodium-based grease through the oil cup. During use, adjust the packing gland in time. The gland is too tight, the shaft sleeve is easy to heat, and the packing gland is too loose, so the liquid leakage is large. Check the packing frequently and regularly for better packing.

Regularly check the condition of bearings and grease. The inspection interval generally does not exceed 12 months. Gradually accumulate experience, grasp the interval and injection amount of grease, the surrounding environment, and operating temperature and other factors. Regularly add grease. More grease.

The oil should be held while the side pump is being filled or when the pump is running. When oiling, please note that the inner plug is added with bearing grease, and the outer oil hole is used to clean the labyrinth seal. Due to the wear between the impeller and the pump cover, the performance of the pump increases with the gap between the impeller and the pump cover. Large and worse, the efficiency is reduced. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the pump, the gap between the impeller and the pump cover needs to be adjusted in time. The steps for adjusting the impeller clearance are: after stopping the pump, loosen the bolts that compress the bearing assembly, adjust the nuts on the adjusting bolts to move the bearing assembly to the pump head side, and at the same time move the pulley by hand to rotate in the direction of the pump until the impeller Until friction occurs with the pump cover, draw a line on the bracket and bearing assembly, and then adjust the adjusting nut to move the bearing assembly in the direction opposite to the pump head by 0.5-1mm. At this time, the gap between the impeller and the pump cover is 0.5 -1mm, tighten the nut of the bearing assembly and fix the adjusting nut. Before starting the pump, check whether the impeller rotates normally by manual turning. Check that the bearing assembly compression nut and adjustment nut are tight before starting the pump.

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Grit pump knowledge

Grit pump knowledge

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