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Why do grit pump bearings need to be cleaned frequently

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The bearing assembly is the transmission part of the grit pump, and the normal use of the bearing is more critical. It is very important to regularly clean and replace the bearing. As the grit pump does not have a drain oil device, long-term injected oil and impurities accumulate in the bearing body, which will cause wear on the bearing and cause bearing heating or damage. Therefore, the bearing should be regularly cleaned and inspected to extend the service life of the bearing. Replace the bearing when it is found that the bearing is severely worn or damaged during cleaning. When reassembling the bearing, a special heater is used to preheat the bearing inner ring. Note that the temperature must not exceed 120 degrees Celsius. 12 / 10G-G type grit pump adopts single-row tapered roller bearing, the inner ring must be close to the grease retaining ring during assembly, and the axial clearance should be between 0.2-0.3mm. The adjustment of the axial clearance is by increasing or decreasing the bearing This is achieved by adjusting shims at the end caps at both ends. 10 / 8S-G type grit pump adopts double-row tapered roller bearings. Since the bearing itself has guaranteed the axial clearance, it is not necessary to adjust the axial clearance. The inner ring of the bearing should be close to the shaft shoulder during assembly. The end cover is provided with a gasket, and in addition, the double-row tapered roller bearing, the inner ring, the outer ring, and the positioning sleeve are a complete set of components, and cannot be interchanged with corresponding parts of similar bearings. When the bearing is assembled, a proper amount of grease should be added. Finally, the labyrinth ring and the labyrinth sleeve are installed. When installing the labyrinth ring, the notches should be arranged in a diameter direction.

The coal preparation plant uses the grit pump produced by Fuyang Pump Industry. It has been proven for three years that the pump has a low accident rate, simple structure, easy maintenance and repair, and wear-resistant alloy materials for wearing parts, reducing equipment repair time and accessories. Consumption to achieve the best use of the equipment.

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Grit pump knowledge

Grit pump knowledge

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