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Use and maintenance of grit pump parts

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The pump body of the grit pump is a single-shell structure, without inner lining, and is replaced as a whole when worn. Compared with a double-shell pump, it is more convenient to remove and install during repair, reducing equipment repair time and strength. Due to the external leakage of the entire pump, when the wear is light, external repair can be performed without affecting production, which prolongs the service life of the pump body, saves the consumption of accessories, and makes the use of accessories to achieve the best results.

The connection between the pump body and the pump cover of the grit pump is not a normal bolt connection, but a special structure clamped by a clamp with a dragon skeleton. The outlet of the pump can be arbitrarily rotated, and it is more convenient to install and disassemble it during repair.

The shaft seal adopts the form of auxiliary impeller and packing shaft seal. It does not use the shaft seal water seal, which reduces the consumption of fresh water in the coal preparation process, does not reduce the density of the mixed liquid pumped by the tank, and meets the density requirements of the coal preparation production system. . On the basis of the auxiliary impeller seal, a simple packing shaft seal is used to make the sealing effect simpler and more reliable.

The grit pump bearing assembly adopts a cylindrical structure to facilitate the movement between the bearing assembly and the bracket. It is used to adjust the gap between the impeller and the pump body when the gap between the impeller and the pump cover increases due to wear of the pump cover, which is simple and convenient. . The bearing assembly can be removed and replaced as a whole when repairing, without the need to disassemble parts and components on site, shortening the time for equipment repair and accident repair. The design of the pump shaft adopts a larger diameter, better rigidity, and short cantilever structure, which increases the stability and safety of the pump operation, and the shaft will not bend or vibrate when the operating conditions of the pump are changed. In the selection of bearings, different types of bearings are selected according to the different power transmission, such as: 12 / 10G-G type pumps HH234048 / HH2340l0 single row tapered roller bearings; 10 / 8S-G type pumps use HM926749 / HM926710D double row tapered Roller bearings and U2226E cylindrical roller bearings enable the pump to withstand maximum axial and radial loads.

Grease pump bearings are lubricated with grease. The oil injection holes are located outside the bearing body to facilitate oil injection. During production and operation, if the bearing is found to be overheated due to oil shortage or oil deterioration, it can be replenished and refueled in time. There are sealed end caps, labyrinth sleeves and labyrinth rings at both ends of the bearing body. Drainage holes are set at the gland of the pump filling box. Packing drips are discharged in time, and dirt and impurities will not enter the bearing body. It can effectively prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the bearing, ensure the safe operation of the bearing, and extend the life of the bearing.

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Grit pump knowledge

Grit pump knowledge

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