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Grit pump body and pump cover

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The new coal preparation plant uses two mixing buckets to hold the mixture of washed coal and magnet powder and water. As the feeding facility of the grit pump, the pump installation level is at the same level as the pump man's bucket, and the pump inlet The lowest part of the feed pipe is lower than the man's feed port of the pump. The liquid level in the mixing tank is about 40% to 50% when the pump is stopped, so that there is no air in the feed pipe of the pump, and the pump will not Causes cavitation.

The overflow part of the grit pump includes the impeller, the pump body, the pump cover and the rear guard plate, all of which are made of KrnTBNiCr2 high-nickel high-chromium wear-resistant alloy material, which makes the service life of the parts long, reduces the number of repairs and replacements, and reduces the consumption of parts.

The impeller of the pump adopts a closed structure and has a large flow passage. When there is a problem with the raw coal feeding process, a large piece of material enters the pump. The impeller does not cause blockage, which reduces the accident rate of production and has high efficiency. .

The pump body is a single-shell structure, without inner lining, and it is replaced as a whole when worn. Compared with a double-shell pump, it is more convenient to remove and install during repair, reducing equipment repair time and strength. Due to the external leakage of the entire pump, when the wear is light, external repair can be performed without affecting production, which prolongs the service life of the pump body, saves the consumption of accessories, and makes the use of accessories to achieve the best results.

The connection between the pump body and the pump cover does not use the usual bolt connection, but a special structure clamped by a dragon band with a clamp band. The outlet of the pump can be arbitrarily rotated, and it is more convenient to install and disassemble during repair.

Grit pump

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Grit pump knowledge

Grit pump knowledge

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