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About filter press feed pump

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Filter press feed pumps are widely used in the feed of filter presses in the petroleum, chemical, starch pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, paint, leather, paper, food and other industries.

The feed pump of the filter press uses a semi-open impeller, which has a wide flow path and good passability. There is no blockage when conveying slurry containing particles, and the particles will not get stuck between the impeller, the pump body, and the pump cover, thereby making up The effect that cannot be achieved by centrifugal pump in general. The filter pump feed pump has a simple structure, easy maintenance, and unique structural design. It can be completed without disassembling the pipeline when repairing and replacing impellers, seals, bearings and other wearing parts.

The filter pump feed pump uses a unique hydraulic design and impeller installation method to ensure that its performance curve is steeper than that of ordinary impurity pumps. It is very suitable for the change in resistance when the filter is fed to achieve large flow, low pressure feeding and The purpose of small flow, high pressure filtration. Its special hydraulic performance just fits the gradual process of the filter press from cavity to filling and then to filtering. In the early stage of feeding, no valve is used to control the overload of the motor caused by excessive flow. At the same time, the low pressure will not impact the filter plate frame, reducing the damage of the filter cloth on the filter plate frame, and will not impact the filter plate to cause vibration. Small flow and high pressure are not easy to generate pump. Especially during the later pressing period, the unique impeller installation method and the role of the auxiliary impeller under the same pressure as the pump ensure that the shaft seal is basically leak-free.

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Filter press feed pump knowledge

Filter press feed pump knowledge

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