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What is the feed pump of the filter press?

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Filter press feed pump is the key equipment for filter press in filter system. It is widely used to treat slime water, sewage and wastewater in coal, chemical, metallurgy, power and other industries. With the gradual implementation of the national environmental protection policy and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the problem of material leakage in the feed pump of the filter press system has caused people's attention. Therefore, industrial and mining enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the quality of supporting equipment for filter press systems. At present, a special design, novel, highly efficient and wear-resistant filter feed pump for filter presses has been popularized and applied in filter press systems in different industries. This pump is a professional slurry pump developed on the basis of previous generations of slurry pumps.

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Filter press feed pump knowledge

Filter press feed pump knowledge

Previous: How to choose the feed pump of the filter press

Next: How to determine whether your pump is a special feed pump for the second generation filter press