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How to tell if your pump is a dedicated feed pump for second-generation filter presses

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According to the needs of the on-site production and the problems of serious material leakage and the inability to hold the packing at the early stage of the feed pump, combined with the feeding requirements of the filter press, the second-generation feed pump product was designed and developed. The results of the use of the pump show that it can basically meet the feeding requirements of the filter press: when starting the feeding, a large flow and low head are used, and at the end of the feeding, a small flow and high head are used. At zero, the pressure at this time depends entirely on the pump pressure, so the sealing requirements for the pump are quite high. The new feed pump adopts a unique rear-end feed method, so there is no problem of material leakage at the packing. The new feed pump.

The pump is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, and easy to install and disassemble. It adopts double impeller and double pump casing, compact structure and reasonable design of flow components; the auxiliary impeller is sealed, no water is added to the packing, and the shaft seal does not leak material.

Because this series of pumps use rear-end feeding, negative pressure is generated at the packing. After the filter press is stopped, the material in the pipeline returns, which brings the following two key problems: First, the pipeline may be blocked. The material leakage occurs when the packing is under positive pressure. This is the so-called problem that the negative pressure of the open pump does not leak, and the positive pressure of the closed pump leaks. Second, the feed is fed from the back end through a curved pipe, and the logistics direction is vertical. On the pump shaft, causing the shaft to wear too quickly.

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Filter press feed pump knowledge

Filter press feed pump knowledge

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Next: Operating characteristics of the feed pump of the filter press