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Plate and frame filter press requirements for feed pump

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Each stage of the plate and frame filter press has different requirements for the feed pump.

(1) The requirements for the feed pump in the first stage of the feeding period. The pressure of the pump continues to increase with the increase of the material in the filter press chamber. At this stage, the pressure of the filter press is gradually increased from scratch. High process, the pressure of the corresponding pump is also a process of gradually increasing.

After the pump is turned on, it runs from a large flow rate. As the pressure increases, the flow rate gradually decreases. At this stage, the pump runs at a large flow rate, and parts such as the pump shaft and bearing assembly are subject to large radial loads. This requires that the characteristic curve of the pump must drop sharply, reduce the degree of deviation from the design conditions, and reduce pump components At the same time, the pump is required to have good cavitation performance to adapt to the special conditions of high flow operation.

(2) The second and third stages of the filter press period and the pressure holding period. At this stage, the pressure further increases, and the pump flow rate decreases further until it is shut down. Therefore, the closing head of the pump is required to match the pressure requirements of the filter press. The pressure of the filter pump's feed pump is too low, the moisture content is high, and the cake formation is difficult to meet the standard. If required, damage will occur to the filter cloth.

(3) There are no special requirements for the pump during the unloading period in the fourth stage.

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Filter press feed pump knowledge

Filter press feed pump knowledge

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