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How to choose filter pump

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The filter press feed pump, as the name suggests, is the place where the filter fluid of the filter press enters the inside of the filter press. Because it is a pump, it has automatic functions. Just like a suction pump, it can also be said that the filtered liquid of the filter press is pumped to the inside of the filter press. To put it plainly is to play a role of feeding. The quality of the feeding work not only affects the working efficiency of the filter press, but also directly affects the mechanical life of the filter press.

So, how to choose the feed pump of the filter press?

1. There are tens of thousands of filter press feed pumps on the market, and the functions of various models are different. Customers must first understand the PH value, temperature, particle size, viscosity of their materials before purchasing .

2. According to the above parameters, then select the pump's flow size, head size, and wear resistance to select the feed pump according to the size of the filter press.

3. If the material is too fine, the choice of the feed pump is as important as the selection of the filter cloth. The ultra-fine filter feed pump cannot choose an intermittent feed pump. It must choose a persistent feed pump.

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Filter press feed pump knowledge

Filter press feed pump knowledge

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