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Points to note about slurry pump operation

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The main purpose of the slurry pump is to transport slurry in the production of industrial sectors, such as metallurgy, electricity, coal, mining and other industries are inseparable from the application of slurry pump. The working characteristic of the slurry pump is that the slurry to be processed usually contains various solid particles, and we need to know more about its use precautions in daily operation.

When the slurry pump is processing slurry with a lot of foreign particles, such as removing mud, a filter can be placed at the water inlet. This can reduce the number of foreign particles entering the pump body, reduce the probability of stuck pumps, and extend the slurry pump. Service life. The use time of the slurry pump should not be too long. If there is a standby pump, it is best to take the form of rotating work.

During the operation of the slurry pump, the pump body should be placed on the ground to keep the pump body stable. If it is a slurry pump that requires underwater work, such as a slurry pump or a submerged slurry pump, the pump must be placed in water due to its structure. At this time, the motor must be placed on the water surface and fixed to maintain the slurry pump. Of stability.

Some of the slurry pumps use mechanical seals. The use of this type of slurry pumps must ensure the supply of shaft seal water, and it is strictly prohibited to operate under anhydrous conditions to avoid the mechanical seal from being burned due to dry grinding. Generally speaking, the mechanical seal slurry pump should be connected to the shaft seal water before use, and the water supply should be maintained for at least 3 minutes after the pump is stopped.

At present, slurry pumps are mostly used in ore dressing plants in the mining industry, and the primary processing of ore is the primary selection of ore. In this case, the wear of the slurry pump will be relatively serious, so its service life is relatively low. Depending on the hardness and particle size of the processed ore, the abrasiveness of the slurry pump will also be different.

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Knowledge of slurry pump

Knowledge of slurry pump

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