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Corrosion and Wear Performance of High Chromium Cast Iron Cr28

Author: Fu-pump Time: 2019-09-17 Hits:

Corrosion and wear performance of high-chromium cast iron Cr28 of alumina slurry pump flow parts

(1) The corrosion and wear performance of high chromium cast iron Cr28 in the as-cast and heat-treated states is significantly improved compared with the high chromium cast iron standard Crl5Mo3, which shows superior corrosion and wear resistance. Among them, the heat-treated high-chromium cast iron Cr28 flow-through sample has the lowest abrasion loss rate, and the relative wear resistance is 1.95, which is about 1.6 times that of the as-cast sample. Slurry pump manufacturers

(2) In the process of corrosion and abrasion, the promotion effect of abrasion on corrosion is very large, accounting for more than 99% of the corrosion component, and the promotion effect of corrosion on wear is relatively limited, which are all lower than 23 of the corrosion component. The wear increase and pure wear of the Crl5Mo3 standard sample and heat-treated Cr28 sample are consistent with the rule of simple erosion wear, and both decrease with the increase of the Rockwell hardness value. Below the Crl5Mo3 sample, the wear increase and pure wear are lower.

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Knowledge of slurry pump

Knowledge of slurry pump

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