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Analysis of current status of alumina slurry pump

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Analysis of current status of alumina slag slurry pump:

In general, alumina pulp is a strong alkaline slurry carrying hard particles such as alumina. Pingguo Aluminum uses the aluminum slurry pump LC250.580 to transport the ground aluminum slurry. Generally, the size of the aluminum ore is less than 1mm, the slurry concentration is 409/6 to 459/6, and the pump flow rate is 630m. / H, pulp alkali concentration 230g / L (Na2O), pH> 14, temperature 80 ~ 100 ℃. The bauxite is mainly bauxite, and the composition W is: Al: O. 609/6 to 659/6, Fe: O. 14 to 17%, SiO: 3.59 / 6 to 4.5, and Mohs hardness of 7. Shanxi Aluminum [2 alumina slurry mainly contains Al: O. , Na: O, SiO :, bauxite and other components, the slurry density is 1.5g / cm. , The solid content reaches 409 / 6-6, the slurry temperature is 80-90 ° C, and the Na2O concentration is about 18-25g. Slurry pump manufacturers

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Knowledge of slurry pump

Knowledge of slurry pump

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