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Addition of other added elements to slurry pump material high chromium cast iron alloy

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Addition of other added elements to the slurry pump material high chromium cast iron alloy:

In the high-chromium cast iron alloy material of the slurry pump , molybdenum, manganese, and nickel mainly improve the hardenability, but excessive manganese and nickel increase the residual austenite, and the price of molybdenum is high, and the amount of addition should be controlled.

It is generally believed that silicon is an element that promotes graphitization and has a deoxidizing effect. If the content is too high, the impact toughness will be reduced, the substrate will become brittle, and the phenomenon of spalling will easily occur during the wear process. Therefore, the content is limited to 0.8 or less. The industry believes that silicon can also reduce the amount of eutectic carbon, reduce the temperature range of eutectic reaction, and appropriately increase the silicon content (<1.5) to make carbides finer, equiaxed, isolated, and increased in number, thereby improving toughness. In addition, silicon is solid-dissolved in the matrix and has a strong solid-solution strengthening effect. At the same time, silicon also increases the potential of the substrate electrode and increases the corrosion resistance.

An appropriate amount of rare earth elements can deoxidize and sulfur, purify the molten iron, and a large amount of rare earth high melting point compounds can be used as heterogeneous crystal nuclei to refine the grains. Therefore, rare earth modification treatment is widely used to improve the corrosion resistance and resistance of high chromium cast iron. Grinding performance. However, the excessive addition of rare earth will produce a large number of rare earth inclusions, which will seriously deteriorate the performance.

Vanadium can improve the strength, toughness and wear resistance of high chromium cast iron under non-high temperature conditions. Copper is often used in combination with molybdenum and manganese to improve the wear resistance of the material. Adding proper amount of boron and titanium can also improve the impact abrasion performance of the material.

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Knowledge of slurry pump

Knowledge of slurry pump

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