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Sand pump

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Sand pump

The sand pump is divided into two types: horizontal sand pump and vertical sand pump:

QNJ series sand pump is an impurity pump developed based on the theory of two-phase flow. It has been proved by experiments and industrial operations. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and good wear resistance. It has stable performance when conveying media containing solid particles. The pump is suitable for river dredging, dredging and consolidation of dykes, coal mines, power plants and mines for conveying slurry containing solid particles, and the concentration of the conveying medium can reach more than 40%. It is widely used in sand dredging and reclamation projects in the Yellow River Basin, the Yangtze River Basin, and the construction of coastal land and sea.

Structural features:

1. The QNJ series sand pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, guard plate, pump cover, bracket and bearing components.

2. The material of the pump body, impeller and guard plate can be made of high manganese nodular cast iron, high chromium alloy and non-metal wear-resistant materials. Users can choose according to the purpose when ordering.

3. The shaft seal of the pump is packed with a seal, and high-pressure flushing water is added to the stuffing chamber to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

4. The rotation of the pump is counterclockwise when viewed from the water inlet, and the outlet of the pump is on the right in the horizontal direction when viewed from the water inlet. If the site needs a water outlet, the water outlet can be adjusted within a 360-degree range.

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Sand pump

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