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ZJ slurry pump

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ZJ slurry pump

ZJ slurry pump features and uses:

ZJ pump is an axial suction, single-stage single suction, cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump. This type of pump adopts international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow theory and is designed according to the principle of minimum loss. The geometry of the flow-passing parts conforms to the flow state of the medium, reducing local and along-the-line hydraulic loss such as vortex and impact, thereby reducing the wear of the flow-passing parts, improving hydraulic efficiency, and reducing operating noise and vibration; The over-current parts are made of high-hard alloy cast iron, whose material has high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance, thereby increasing its life. In addition, this series of pumps use power to reduce pressure to ensure that the slurry is not easy to leak.

ZJ slurry pump can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, building materials and other industries to transport abrasive and corrosive slurry containing solid particles. The maximum weight concentration of solid-liquid mixture: 45% mortar, 60 %. This series of slurry pumps have complete specifications and models, which can adopt direct transmission, belt, hydraulic, frequency conversion and other transmission forms, and can also be connected in series or in parallel according to user needs.

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