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ZJE filter press feed pump

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ZJE filter press feed pump

Product overview of filter press feed pump:

The special slurry pump for the filter press is a new generation of products designed and manufactured by our company to comprehensively apply the latest design concepts of the impurity pump in view of the leakage, high noise, and low efficiency of the ordinary slurry pump during use. This product is widely used for the transportation of impurities containing solid particles. It is particularly suitable for feeding filter presses in coal washing, smelting, aluminum plants and other occasions. It overcomes the pump, leakage and low efficiency of ordinary slurry pumps when filtering. Shortcomings.


1. High-efficiency and energy-saving comprehensive application of advanced technical design such as CAD, CFD, CAPP, is a new generation of high-efficiency energy-saving products.

2. Unique combined seal design The combination of negative pressure technology, auxiliary impeller and combined seal completely solves the problem of easy leakage of high-lift slurry pump.

3. Material selection of pump The pump's over-flow parts are made of the latest wear-resistant alloy No. 1 special for slurry pumps developed in China, which has a long service life and greatly reduces the number of maintenance.

4. No-overload design The "no-overload design" theory is applied in the pump design process. The pump head curve of low head at high flow rate and high head at small flow rate fully meets the requirements of the slurry pump when the filter press is pressed. After the motor, the pump can be guaranteed to work in the full flow range without overloading the motor.

5. Simple structure The simple structure of the pump is convenient for installation and maintenance.

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