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  • ◆ Application of slurry pump in electric power plant industry

    A thermal power plant, referred to as a thermal power plant, is a plant that uses coal, oil, and natural gas as fuel to produce electrical energy. Its basic production process is: the fuel is burned in a boiler to heat water to form steam, and the chemical energy of the fuel is converted to heat energy. Boost steam

  • ◆ Application of slurry pump in coal industry

    In the coal washing industry, due to different working conditions, large coal blocks and coal gangue are easy to block, and the design requirements of the slurry pump are very high. A coal washing plant has adopted a specially designed slurry pump product from our factory for 10 years to replace the original slurry pump imported from Australia.

  • ◆ Application of slurry pump in mining industry

    At present, about 80% of the application range of slurry pumps are used in the mineral processing plant of the mining industry. Due to the harsh conditions of the primary ore selection, the service life of the slurry pump is generally low in this section. Of course, different ores have different abrasiveness. Such as

  • ◆ Application of slurry pump in metallurgical industry

    In the metallurgical industry, as long as there is slurry flowing, there is a slurry pump working. In the metallurgical industry, for the selection of slurry pumps, the reference directions are: 1. High-efficiency products with advanced design theory are preferred. Most of the slurry pumps transport solid slurry.

  • ◆ Application of slurry pump in dredging industry

    In the fields of seawater sand selection and dredging rivers, the use of slurry pumps has gradually been recognized by users. However, sand is selected in seawater, and sand is dredged in river channels. Slurry pumps are more simply called sand pumps and dredging pumps. Although the names are different, the structural features and the function principle of the pump

  • ◆ Application of slurry pump in chemical industry

    In the actual production and operation process of the chemical industry, there will be many situations where it is necessary to transport corrosive solid-liquid mixed slurry media. As the chemical industry continues to grow and develop, the requirements and requirements for corrosion-resistant slurry pumps are also increasing. Is constantly increasing,

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