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Application of slurry pump in dredging industry

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In the fields of seawater sand selection and dredging rivers, the use of slurry pumps has gradually been recognized by users. However, sand is selected in seawater, and sand is dredged in river channels. Slurry pumps are more simply called sand pumps and dredging pumps. Although they are called differently, they can be collectively referred to as slurry pumps in terms of structural features and pump function principles. Therefore, in this seawater sand selection we are often called sand pumps, and in river dredging, it is customarily called dredging pumps.

This kind of slurry pump is mainly used for continuous conveying of abrasive materials that are too large for general slurry pumps to transport. It is suitable for dredging, sand absorption, dredging of rivers, mining and slag transportation of metal smelting. Due to the corrosive nature of the conveyed materials, generally the over-current parts are mostly made of wear-resistant steel and wear-resistant white cast iron or wear-resistant high chromium cast iron.Because the casting is thick and the shape is complex, it is easy to produce shrinkage, shrinkage, cracks, etc Casting defects, where the pump body is the main part of the grit pump, and is generally the largest wear-resistant casting.

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Application of slurry pump

Application of slurry pump

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