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Application of slurry pump in metallurgical industry

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In the metallurgical industry, as long as there is slurry flowing, there is a slurry pump working.

In the metallurgical industry, for the selection of slurry pumps, refer to the following directions:

1. Prefer high-efficiency products with advanced design theory:

Most of the slurry pump conveys the slurry containing solids. During the operation, the trajectory of the solids will always be separated from the streamline of the carrier and cause a certain collision with the over-current components, resulting in energy loss. When selecting a slurry pump, first consider those manufacturers who select a good hydraulic model and use advanced design methods (such as two-phase flow, binary flow, and other advanced theories). The vane curve designed in this way is more in line with the flow state of the slurry, reduces impact and hydraulic loss, and can effectively reduce energy loss, so that the pump has higher efficiency.

2. Select the right type of product according to the specific purpose:

Slurry pumps operate in every process of the metallurgical industry.Under the premise of normal operation, some pumps can run stably for a long time, reducing maintenance costs; some pumps have problems such as short life and premature damage to parts Increased overhaul and maintenance costs. Similar problems occur even for products made by the same manufacturer. The reason is that the emergence of this type of problem is closely related to the reasonable selection of slurry pump. According to the use of slurry pumps in the metallurgical industry, they can be divided into: raw ore pumps, middle ore pumps, ball row pumps, magnetic precision pumps, concentrate pumps, tailings pumps, reflux pumps, cooling circulation pumps, condensate backwater pumps, granulation Water pump, delivery pump, etc. In the specific selection, the corresponding selection should be made according to the specific use.For details, refer to the following steps:

(1) First select various slurry pumps that can meet the given working conditions.

On the premise that the basic working conditions (Q, H) are met, the working conditions should be selected near the design points of their products as much as possible. In this case, the slurry pump is not only highly efficient, but also has minimal and uniform wear on the flow components. The product has a long service life when it is operated near the design point. If the operating point is in a small flow area, it is easy to generate eddy currents and aggravate wear. If the operating point is in a large flow area, not only eddy currents but also cavitation are likely to occur, causing the overcurrent components to fail prematurely.

(2) Determine the products of specific specifications and models based on practical applications.

In order to make the slurry pump run stably for a long time, the lower the speed of the selected pump and the more abrasion-resistant the material of the over-flow parts, the longer the service life of the slurry pump. In practical applications, not every working condition uses the product with the lowest speed and the most wear-resistant material. Such products are often bulky and expensive, and the price of supporting drive equipment is also high. The overall foundation area of the equipment is large, and the investment in equipment and infrastructure in the early stage of the project is large. From the perspective of energy saving (investment) and practicality, both the product has a long service life, and at the same time it takes into account the engineering investment.

Based on the comparison of the above two factors, a specific model of the product was finally determined.

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Application of slurry pump

Application of slurry pump

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