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Application of slurry pump in electric power plant industry

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A thermal power plant, referred to as a thermal power plant, is a plant that uses coal, oil, and natural gas as fuel to produce electrical energy. Its basic production process is: the fuel is burned in a boiler to heat water to form steam, and the chemical energy of the fuel is converted to heat energy. Steam pressure The steam turbine is driven to rotate, the thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy, and then the turbine drives the generator to rotate, and the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Sludge pumps are more common in coal-fired power plants.

Burn coal and transport it from the coal yard to the coal hopper with a coal conveyor belt. Large coal-fired power plants burn pulverized coal to improve coal combustion efficiency. Therefore, the raw coal in the coal hopper must be sent to the coal mill for grinding into coal powder. The pulverized coal powder is carried by hot air and sent to the furnace of the boiler for combustion by the powder exhaust fan. The hot flue gas formed after the combustion of pulverized coal flows along the horizontal flue and tail flue of the boiler, emits heat, and finally enters the dust collector to separate the burned coal ash. The clean flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney under the effect of the induced draft fan. The combustion-supporting air is sent into the air preheater installed in the tail flue by the blower, and the air is heated by the hot flue gas. In this way, on the one hand, in addition to increasing the temperature of the air entering the boiler, which is easy to ignite and burn coal, on the other hand, it can also reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the utilization of thermal energy. The hot air discharged from the air preheater is divided into two strands: one strand is sent to the coal mill to dry and transport the pulverized coal, and the other strand is directly sent to the furnace to assist combustion. The coal-fired ash falls into the slag hopper below the furnace, and is washed into the mortar pump room with water together with the fine ash separated from the dust collector, and then pumped by the mortar to the ash yard. The mortar pump here is what we usually call a slurry pump.

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Application of slurry pump

Application of slurry pump

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